Break bulk cargo is packaged cargo that is oversized and heavy weight, creating a more complex logistical challenge. Goods can’t be containerized for overseas shipments, as they consist of multiple, differently sized items, loads or units for individual consignees. They also can’t be loaded onto flat rack containers, due to their size and weight.

Bulk break goods are packaged and transported using bags, crates, drums, or barrels, or may be packed and secured on pallets. These items are loaded and unloaded onto ships individually, increasing handling and transportation costs. They are typically transported on specialty ships that use heavy lift cranes to accelerate loading and unloading.

Bulk break cargo includes:

  • Construction equipment
  • Oil and gas equipment
  • Yachts
  • Steel girders




  • Expert negotiations with break bulk vessel ship owners for partial shipments or vessel chartering
  • Advance notification of open positions on vessels
  • The ability to match vessels with customers all over the world